"STAR Voting: It sure beats the alternative" is a great intro to the STAR Voting concept.



The "It's Fatally Flawed" Video series goes more in depth. Part 1 covers the problems with our current voting method. Part 2 introduces a few alternative voting systems which have been proposed, and Part 3 explains what STAR Voting is, where it came from, and why we need it. 



This video from the STAR Voting for Lane County campaign is a great intro to the proposal to adopt STAR Voting for Lane County elections, which would include the County Commissioners, Auditor, and Assessor. 



Hear it from Lane County voters themselves.



Oakridge Inspires Presention: 


A 5 minute presentation from Mark Frohnmayer, founder of the Equal Vote Coalition, on STAR Voting from 2017. 



Interview with Rick Dancer at the Arcimoto factory. All about STAR Voting!


Star Voting On the ballot in Lane County Sponsors explain how it works Get Real with Rick Dancer Please share this on your page so others will be informed.

Posted by Rick Dancer on Wednesday, October 17, 2018



Voting system accuracy is often mapped and measured using simulated elections. This video visually illustrates the results of the Yee simulations, showing how STAR Voting out preforms other systems, while specifically highlighting the fail scenarios for both our current "Choose One Only" voting method and Instant Runoff Voting (the single winner version of Ranked Choice Voting used around the United States)



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