Who Are We:

STAR Voting chapters work from the grass roots up, starting with education and community organizing, and then moving into political advocacy and campaigning. The Equal Vote Coalition is our 501c3 non-profit and is the driving force behind STAR Voting. STAR Voting Action is our 501c4 arm, which tackles the heavy lifting once our chapters move into campaign mode.

Many of our chapters work in coalition with other organizations who have designated STAR Voting as a key action item. It all comes down to solidarity. There are tons of great groups and passionate activists out there. If we silo off and don't work in coalition we will end up divided and conquered. When a city or town has multiple groups with the same or overlapping missions it makes sense to band together. Half as many meetings = twice as much time spent on the ground! Solidarity is a win-win! Our combined networks can show up in force when we're needed most.

STAR Voting Chapters:

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Texas: Our Houston, TX chapter is in coalition with Americans For Representation

New York: Our Albany, NY chapter is in coalition with Represent.Us.

North Carolina: 


  • San Diego, CA. To get involved contact Evans Tucker:

If you don't see your city on the list start a chapter or reach out and introduce your favorite group to STAR Voting and help grow the movement. If starting a chapter is more than you're ready to bite off you can always volunteer from home.