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STAR Elections:

Use STAR Voting for your election or poll

STAR Elections is the branch of the STAR Voting project that focuses on real world implementation.

There is no better way to get people comfortable with a new idea than to make it familiar and there's no need to wait until it's adopted by your city, state, or country. You can use STAR Voting for your own elections now!

Hosting your own election with STAR Voting is always free, and we even offer some free support to help you get set up. If you would rather we just do the heavy lifting for you that's also available, with options for every budget and scenario.

Weather you are looking to host a casual poll, a small scale organizational election or vote, or a full blown election with gold standard level security, auditability, and credentialling we have a solution.

All proceeds from STAR Elections goes directly to our 501c4 non-profit campaign fund. That means that adopting STAR Voting in the private sector directly funds our campaigns to adopt STAR Voting for real governmental elections!


There are a number of tools available to run a STAR election. Use the chart below to help find out what best fits your needs:

  Casual Poll Small Secure Election Large Secure Election
Paper Ballot Use a Google Docs template to create ballot and tally by hand Use a Google Docs template to create ballot Use Remark for ballot scanning and the STAR Election Google Sheet for tabulation
Online election Use Star.Vote Adapt Google Forms to run a STAR election Use Star.Vote Pro