STAR Voting: a cutting edge proposal for our elections

from the Equal Vote Coalition


Simply give each candidate a five star rating.


Lets rise above the polarization and allow voters to show their full opinion!


You only need to vote once in November and those ballots are counted in a 2 step process:


First:   All the scores from all the ballots are totaled and the two highest scoring are finalists.

Second:   Your ballot already shows which finalist you preferred.  The finalist preferred by more voters wins.

We are currently collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to adopt STAR Voting for Multnomah County offices.  The proposal will replace our antiquated "vote for one only" system with a single November election with all the candidates on one ballot. STAR Voting breaks the polarization and allows us to give each candidate a score, showing our full honest opinion.


Revolutionizing democracy:

  • Honesty is the best strategy.

  • Accurately elects the candidate with the most support overall, no matter how many candidates are in the race.

  • No parties, candidates, or voters are excluded.

  • Every voter has an equally weighted vote and and equal say.

  • STAR Voting doesn’t play favorites or give anyone an unfair advantage.

  • No parties, candidates, or voters are excluded.

  • Your vote always makes a difference. Even if your favorite can’t win your vote helps prevent your worst case scenario.

  • All the data from every ballot is taken into account - Unlike other alternative voting systems.