STAR Voting for Oregon

We are excited to announce that Representative Zach Hudson, Chief Petitioner of STAR Voting for Troutdale, and former Troutdale, OR City Councilor, has submitted our proposal for a 'STAR Voting for Oregon' bill in the Oregon legislature. 

House Bill 3250: "Establishes STAR voting as voting method for selecting winner of nomination for and election to state offices."



What it does:
  • Establishes STAR as the default voting method for the State of Oregon.
  • Allows local elections to use STAR Voting. 
  • Allows Bloc STAR for multi-winner elections.
  • Eliminates primaries for non-partisan races.


Next steps: 
We are reaching out to Representatives and Senators to sign on, and will have a list of names once the bill number has been assigned. This bill is on track to be heard during the upcoming long session, and will become a 2022 statewide ballot initiative referral if passed.