Credentialing Committee Orientation and Tutorial - STAR Vote Elections

Credentialing Committee Orientation and Tutorial


Welcome to the credentialing team!

The basics: Credentialing volunteers will be tasked with verifying voter registrations for the Independent Party primary Tuesday April 28th - Tuesday May 12th. Volunteers will log into our STAR Vote Elections credentialing app and then do a final visual check on people's photo ID and voter file info. Volunteers will accept credentials that match and flag problematic credentials for review. There is an internal audit protocol in place, so even if a volunteer makes a mistake the work will be cross checked. It's all set up to be user friendly, and it can all be safely done from home.

The requirements:

  • You do NOT have to be an Independent to volunteer on this committee.
  • You DO need to commit to not save, screenshot, or share anybody's personal data, ID, or photos. Election security is the name of the game!
  • You do NOT need to commit to set hours or a schedule.
  • You DO need to be committed to doing focused, careful work when you are logged in. Credentialing one voter takes under a minute. If you load a voter ID to credential, please finish it in a timely manner.
ACTION ITEM #1: If you haven't done so already, please send us an email at and let us know you'd like to join the IPO Credentialing Committee. Make sure to include your full name, phone number, city, and your estimated availability from now-May 12th. We won't need you to stick to a schedule, but that information will help us estimate our bandwidth and adjust accordingly. We are also looking for volunteers for our customer support team. If you have experience with that or think that might be a good fit for you please let us know.

We will be holding credentialing team zoom trainings at 4:30pm on next Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please RSVP on one of the event invites here and block off the date on your calendar. If you can't make a training you can still volunteer, we can do an individual training. (Email and suggest a time to schedule.)
Join Zoom Meeting link. Meeting ID: 946 2882 8070. We recommend you join on your computer if possible.
ACTION ITEM #3: Download Slack for your computer and phone and join us on the IPO Primary STAR Voting Slack channel. Slack is basically an online office. Our team uses it for messaging, for collaborating on projects, and to post key pieces of information like meeting links, and resources. If you haven't used slack before it's a worthwhile tool to learn and it's become an industry standard for organizing and co-working.
  • Sign up and login.
  • Join the #Credentialing-app channel and take a look at the pinned posts (Click the push pin at the top of the channel thread.)
  • Head over to the #watercooler channel, say hi, and introduce yourself. All of our other channels are very focused, but the water cooler is a place where we can get to know each other. If you have special skills, interests, or ideas for future projects this is the place to share them!
  • When the election goes live Tuesday, April 28th at 8am, we'll message you in slack to get you your login info for the credentialing app.
  • Don't forget to set your notifications the way you like them so that you stay in the loop but don't get overwhelmed.

ACTION ITEM #4: Invite a friend to volunteer with you! Text the link to this page to a friend or two and let them know what you are a part of. This is an incredible opportunity to make a difference, and we need the help!

ACTION ITEM #5: Share the link to request a ballot with your friends who are registered non-affiliated or Independent:

The actual link to vote will be shared at 8am on April 28th. Once that goes live please share that.

ACTION ITEM #6 (Optional): If you are interested in the bigger picture, read over this registration and voting walk-through. Read over the customer support FAQ (now bilingual!) to learn more about the Independent Party of Oregon primary, STAR Voting, and the platform.