STAR Lane Electronic Signature Sheet Instructions

Instructions for printing, signing, and submitting the STAR Voting for Lane County Electronic Signature Sheet


Am I eligible to sign?:

Q: Who is eligible to sign?

A: Lane County registered voters.


Q: What if I already signed a petition like this?

A: If you signed a STAR Voting for Lane County petition before 2018, this is a new and different initiative, and you can sign again.

This petition has been circulating since August 1st, 2019. If you signed the STAR Voting for Lane County petition since then please do not sign again.



1. Open file and print the Electronic Signature Sheet on normal printer paper.

(20 pound or better, uncoated, white, 8½” x 11” size paper.)

Make sure to check in and see if others in your household or network would like you to print a copy for them while you are at it.


2. Sign and date your signature sheet on both the "Request" and "Certification" lines.

  • Your signature will be verified against the signature you put down when you registered to vote so please make sure to sign your name as you did when you registered to vote.
  • Please use blue or black ink.
  • If your signature has changed since you registered to vote you can update your signature on file here.


3. Print your name and address clearly and legibly.

This is used to find you in the registered voter file and identify you as a unique voter so make sure it's correct and legible.


4. Put your completed sheet or sheets in an envelope, address it, stamp it, and mail it back to us!

Please mail completed sheets to:

   STAR Voting for Lane County
   PO Box 51243
   Eugene, OR 97405


5. Help get us over the line! Share this campaign with others!!!

We need 14,174 verified signatures by the first week of July, 2021 to qualify for the ballot. With a 30% buffer that's puts our goal at around 18,500 and we are well over 1/2 way there. Unfortunately, with Covid-19 spiking we made the hard decision in March to suspend in person canvassing in most cases. That means we need you to reach out to your network to get us over the finish line:

  • Write an email to your friends and family in Lane County encouraging them to sign! We don't want to spam people, but a personallized email, sent to a select list of people you know would care about this is more motivating than anything else.


  • Share the campaign link to this webpage on Facebook and Twitter: