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Now you can sign the
STAR Voting for Lane County
ballot initiative from home!


A simple change that could have a huge impact:
STAR Voting for Lane County

  • More choice. Voters simply score candidates from 0 up to 5 stars.
  • Just one election in November. Lane County elections are already non-partisan, and adopting STAR Voting would eliminate the need for expensive and low-turnout primaries for local offices including our County Commissioners, County Clerk, and Sheriff.
  • STAR Voting eliminates spoilers and vote splitting, so you can stop worrying about who you think can win and just focus on the candidates and the issues.
  • STAR Voting elects majority preferred winners.
  • STAR Voting would pay for itself within a few election cycles and then would start saving taxpayers money.
  • This is our chance to be a model for the rest of the nation.


Learn more about STAR Voting here:



Request a canvassing packet for collecting signatures in person:

The normal signature sheets for in person canvassing need to be printed double sided and correctly formatted in order to be valid, so we don't have them available to download, but we will happily mail you a complete canvassing packet, which includes canvasser instructions, the legal text, and some signature sheets.

If you feel you can safely circulate a clipboard please fill out the form below to request a Lane County Canvassing Packet. It's worth it to request a canvassing packet if you plan to collect more than a couple signatures, and if you are able to plan ahead. 

When canvassing in person please use full Covid-19 safety precautions, including masks and hand sanitizer, when reaching out to people outside your household.